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Success Stories

In case studies and clinical trials, our products have been demonstrated to reduce infections and improve wellbeing in real-world settings.

Coronavirus & Influenza

This in vitro study characterised the efficacy of the Novaerus 1050 device at removing aerosolized MS2 Bacteriophage - a surrogate for influenza and coronaviruses - including Covid-19.

Leopardstown Park

To evaluate the effect of implementing the NV200 devices on infection, staff sickness, and odour issues within the hospital wards and patient rooms and wards.

Linde Healthcare, Vienna

The Company believed making improvements to the work environment would improve performance and productivity, reduce employee absences and protect employees.

Kindergarten Mamos Delne, Lithuania

Mamos Delne looked to create a safe and healthy indoor environment for the children in their care.

Uzsoki Hospital, Hungary

As well as the standard protocols, Uzsoki Hospital deployed an additional layer of protection against COVID-19; air dis-infection technology by Novaerus.

University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine

The University wanted to improve the overall air quality in the geriatric and chronic disease wards.

Statistics & Test Results

An overview of the devices and their proven results against viruses and bacteria.