Replacement Scrim for Protect 800

Replacement Scrim for Protect 800 Portable Air Disinfection Device

The Scrim is a mesh panel which sits in front of the fan on your Novaerus Protect 800. It prevents larger physical particles of dust and dirt from entering your device. In order to keep your Protect 800 working at its optimum performance level, it is important to keep your scrim in good condition.

If your scrim becomes damaged it should be replaced with the spare scrim that was provided with your device. If you have misplaced your scrim you can order a new one here or by contacting our customer service team.


22cm x 16cm

35 (Inc. VAT 43)

Leopardstown Park Hospital Experience

To evaluate the effect of implementing the NV200 devices on infection, staff and odours

Kindergarten Mamos Delne, Lithuania

Mamos Delne looked to create a safe indoor environment for the children in their care.

University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine

The University wanted to improve the overall air quality in the geriatric and chronic disease wards.