Novaerus devices are used globally to preserve and protect air quality from viruses, disease and air pollutants. Read some of the positive testimonials from our Irish clients. 



"In preparation for the reopening of The Central Bar we wanted to be very proactive in our approach to staff and customer safety and protection. With lots of advice on hand and surface hygiene we felt what was in the air needed to be addressed and we came across Novaerus technology. Following advice from McGreals we easily installed a couple of devices on the premises which are switched on 24/7 killing everything in the air thus reducing pathogens to be breathed in or falling to the surfaces. We have received great feedback from customers and staff alike who are reassured by all of the safety measures we have put in place especially the innovativeness of the Novaerus devices.."
Michael Gavigan, Owner, Central Bar
Navan, Co Meath

Pubs and Bars

"Getting Temple Bar back open for business in a safe and compliant manner is paramount for us. We have done extensive research on what we can do to reach the highest safety and hygiene standards. As a group, we reviewed a wide range of Irish designed and developed products and we chose Novaerus as they are a medical grade device scientifically proven to kill airborne viruses. With Novaerus we know we are protecting the overall wellbeing of the environment for our members, employees and their customers."
Martin Harte, CEO, Temple Bar Company

Home Improvement

"At Noyeks we take the safety of our staff and customers seriously. Installing Novaerus Air Dis-Infection devices in our showrooms and offices ensures we are providing a clean air solution that kills all airborne viruses and compliments our existing hygiene protocols. Novaerus provides an extra level of protection and peace of mind for our staff and customers, one of the best decisions we have made this year".

Montessori /Creche

"Having done my research and in order to reassure my staff, parents and children of my commitment to their safety in our creche/Montessori, we installed the NV200 from Novaerus. This non-selective, powerful yet gentle technology kills 99.99% of all airborne viruses without omitting any byproducts or any harmful chemicals, which is vital when working with small children. I am relieved and confident to have found this solution for my business."
Katherine Boyle, Owner, WonderYears Creche

Local Authourity

“We’ve been working throughout the pandemic as an essential service. Training is an integral part of the Fire Service and we are always looking for ways to make our environment safer. Novaerus was the ideal solution for protecting our indoor air and providing everyone with a healthy place to learn and work" .
Martin Moore, Assistant Chief Fire Officer At Tipperary Fire & Rescue Service

Veterinary Clinics

"In a further effort to keep my staff and clients safe I decided to purchase the groundbreaking air dis-infection unit for the clinic. We are aware that guidelines will relax at some point, and the air dis-infection unit will continue to provide a cutting edge level of dis-infection for our staff, clients and patients on an ongoing basis."
Dr Fionnuala Fallon,
Park Pets Veterinary Clinic
Kinnegad, Co Westmeath


"For TG4 the safety of our staff is paramount. Through these difficult days of COVID-19, the Novaerus Air Dis-infection devices help us to be confident we are providing as safe an environment as possible and gives staff the reassurance that their health and wellbeing is prioritised."
Neil Keaveney, Director Of Technology, TG4
Galway, Co Galway