Novaerus Air Disinfection

Protecting the air for businesses and homes across the country. Our patented air disinfection devices eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria and mould, improving the air quality for customers, staff, friends and family.

Irish, Patented, Established, Safe For All.

Irish-designed and patented Novaerus NanoStrike ™ technology is supporting businesses and homes across the country to safely return to meetings, face-to-face interactions and social occasions. Clean air is now as important as the nutritious food and clean water needed to keep us healthy.

Official Clean Air Partner To Leinster Rugby

Supporting Leinster Rugby in their pursuit of excellence by adding Novaerus Air Disinfection to their winning formula.

Noyeks Newmans Kitchens

Novaerus protected since September 2020, Noyeks Newmans Kitchens CEO, Mark Congdon, tells us why they chose Novaerus.

Lemon & Duke Restaurant

Noel Anderson, owner of Lemon & Duke restaurant and chairman of the LVA tells us why Novaerus is giving his staff and customers peace of mind.


Look out for the #MagicMachine, our mobile office. Fitted with a Novaerus Air Disinfection device to safely protect all aboard. 

Novaerus Leading Edge Features


Novaerus is Irish-designed and engineered with its own laboratory based in the DCU Innovation Campus. Used across 65 countries worldwide the technology is helping to protect businesses, organisations and families on a global level.

Scientifically Proven

Utilizing a unique, patented NanoStrike technology, Novaerus is scientifically proven to inactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 by 99.997%.

No Harmful By-Products

Novaerus is the gold standard of clean air technology - a physics led technology that produces no harmful by-products which can be used safely 24/7.

Peace Of Mind

Novaerus mitigates risks from the transmission of airborne viruses, spores and bacteria giving you peace of mind that your indoor air is safe and protected.

Multiple Benefits

Use studies demonstrate life-changing and tangible benefits to improving the quality of your air including less absenteeism due to flu and other airborne viruses, improved well being, cognitive function and productivity.

Low Cost Of Ownership

There is little to no maintenance on the NV200 and NV800 models – you can maintain them yourself. The devices are also plug and play and can be moved from room to room.

Need the best Air Protection for your business, organisation or home? We are in the front row.

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