Brokers Ireland Affinity Scheme Offer from Novaerus At McGreals

Nothing In The Air But Collaboration!
Introducing Irish Solution Novaerus Air Dis-infection

We’re never going back. We’re going to be safer, we’re going to be smarter, we’re all going to work together. Our patented air dis-infection devices are supporting the safer re-opening of Irish businesses.

We want to restore peace of mind to all teams and clients to ensure there is nothing in the air but collaboration.

Novaerus Leading Edge Features & Offer
The Gold Standard of Air Dis-infection

We all know how vital and important face-to-face meetings and interactions are for building trust and loyalty, strengthening relationships, decision making and taking your business to the next level. 

As we return to workplaces, Novaerus NanoStrike™ technology supports this at every juncture ensuring your teams and clients have peace of mind and confidence to meet safely and achieve what really matters for your business – developing good relationships, making effective decision and moving forward.

Peace of Mind

Novaerus mitigates risks from the transmission of airborne viruses, spores and bacteria giving your staff and clients peace of mind that their air is protected. Novaerus NanoStrike technology is scientifcially proven to inactivate airborne viruses including reducing 99.997% of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19).

No Dangerous

Novaerus Air Dis-infection - no harmful by-products and can be used 24/7 with staff and clients present at all times, allowing you to facilitate those all important face-to-face meetings, which are so vital for your business.

Multiple Benefits

Use studies demonstrate life-changing and tangible benefits to improving the quality of your air including less absenteeism due to flu and other airborne viruses, improved well being, cognitive function and productivity.

Low Cost of Ownership

There is little to no maintenance on the NV200 and NV800 models – you can maintain them yourself. The devices are also plug and play and can be moved from room to room.

Irish Designed & Manufactured

Novaerus is Irish designed, engineered and manufactured with its own laboratory based in the DCU Innovation Campus and manufacturing base in Co. Laois.

Special Offer

Introductory 10% offer on all Novaerus devices for Brokers Ireland Affinity Scheme members - the offer ends on Friday 15th October 2021. From Monday 18th October 2021 we can offer a tailor-made solution for your business. Please contact us on 01 255 1536 or email

It’s Not What We Remove
It’s What We Restore That Counts

The NV200 is ideal for small offices, reception areas and one-to-one meetings.

The NV800 is perfect for medium sized spaces with a larger no of occupants.

The Defend 1050 is suitable for larger offices, open plan offices & conference rooms.